Get Results Anyway is a book about school leaders and belief. Actually, a belief drought. When the finish line seems so far away that reaching it seems impossible. It’s about that gap between where we as leaders are and where we want to be; where our teachers are and where they need to be; and where our students are and where we believe they can be. This distance leaves us feeling so overwhelmed that we are frozen to take the next step.

That overwhelmed feeling is where we will begin our journey together – in the deepest, darkest hole with seemingly no way out. We will find the way out together by focusing on the end goal and then zeroing in on the smallest, strategic decisions to build belief one step at a time.

Get Results Anyway was created as a guide to change our schools into places full of belief that lead to actual results – where our students get smarter, achieve, and define their own futures full of options and success.

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