The College Principle advises and coaches district and school leaders to improve their organizations despite inequities in our system. Getting Results Anyway means creating the conditions that result in students owning academic achievement gains and realizing their post-secondary aspirations.

Become a Leader Who Cuts Through the System for Students

When turning around a school, I looked in the mirror and asked, ‘Do I have what it takes?

Matthew King is an education change leader working with district and school leaders to improve their organizations despite the inequities in our system.

Matthew has coached new, turnaround, and seasoned principals. On the district and school levels, Matthew has conducted 30+ intensive school reviews analyzing areas of success and improvement, led strategic planning processes including budget and organizational restructuring (school merger, redesign, next-level improvement, leadership transition, etc.), and worked with leaders to develop solutions and measures to increase achievement and post-secondary success.

King guided his high school to the highest Chicago Public Schools’ rating, despite district budget crises and serving one of the highest-need student populations in Chicago. King’s simple formula of positive energy, listening to feedback, results-orientation, belief in building teams, and work ethic led to growth and success for students:
• ACT/SAT achievement growth ranked in Top 10% of Chicago high schools
• Students earning college credit before high school graduation increased from 0% to 34%
• Students winning scholarships increased from $2M to $8M
• College enrollment increased from 51% to 81%

King has 18 years of successful leadership, academic, operational, and turnaround experience and holds a B.A. from Miami University, M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from Texas A&M,, M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision from National Louis University via New Leaders, and a Superintendent certificate from The Ohio State University.